About our crew_

Drone technology combined with creative vision is what distinguishes AeroCinema. AeroCinema offers a team of drone specialists with experiences in cinematography and storytelling. This way we can translate your script / shot list into the perfect aerial images.

Our team of pilots are RPA-L certified, AeroCinema RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC) with exemption 6 (Cinema dispensation). Allowing AeroCinema to fly above, around and together with actors. Our devices are S-BVL technically inspected and therefore comply with all safety regulations.

At AeroCinema, safety comes first, we communicate our operations clearly in advance with the crew on set and people in close proximity. This allows more time for creativity and creates a positive and safe working atmosphere on the set.

Wander Andringa

Lead Operations / UAV Pilot / Cinematographer

Making visually compelling shots is what I life for. As an experienced cinematographer it's freeing to be able to take sensors into the sky, to push my own boundaries and to shoot even more complex scenes. The sky is not the limit!

Mark Nicolai

CEO / UAV Pilot

Flying is the ultimate freedom and flexibility. Flying camera's will bring a new era of technical possibilities for film productions. We want to be the frontier, exploring all new possibilities and wielding our skills and knowledge to empower our customers.

Mark De Jong

Operations manager / UAV Pilot

I maintain our equipment and make sure it's always ready to go. For me the art of filmmaking is to be connected with your team. I achieve that by taking on as many roles as possible, whether it be as a pilot, production assistant, or even a runner. The result is hard work, together.

Joost Veenstra

Safety Manager

I'm here to maintain a culture of safety and security for our team and everyone involved in our operations. I'm responsible for all certifications and safety related subjects that our organisation requires.



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