Aerial Cinematography

Drone technology combined with creative vision is what sets AeroCinema apart. AeroCinema offers a team of drone specialists with a long lasting background in cinematography and filmmaking. We’ll be sure to translate your shot list into perfect aerial imagery, whilst speaking the same language.

Our Aerial Cinematography work

Movies & Documentaries_

Are you looking for that perfect establishment shot? Fast landscapes, crawling city life or tranquil waters? Or maybe you’re looking for action, with a high speed car chase… Either way we can make it happen! Indoors or outdoors makes no difference, we can transform our drone into an in air tripod or crane. Without compromising quality,  we fly with the latest high-end S35 imaging sensors, with up to 6K RAW resolution and multiple different cine-lenses.

Events & (Extreme) Sports_

The drone is a great tool to capture the scale of your event and give a birds eye view on that eye catching performance. We’ll make sure the operation is done safely and according to regulations, so you can worry about pleasing the audience. Our drones enable us to make high resolution slow motion specialty shots, to make that special moment last a little bit longer.


We work with a team of experts to ensure a smooth, safe and a professional operation. AeroCinema believes flying camera’s will bring a new era of technical possibilities for film production. Level up your on set production quality with high-end aerial cinematography. We deliver the whole package which will fit seamlessly into the workflow of your production.


Construction, infrastructure, energy, buildings… What better way to capture your projects, than from the sky? We’ll make sure to impress your clients or to give your organisation shine with high quality drone footage.

Aero Cinema is RPAS Operator Certified (ROC 522017), by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. We have insurance coverage up until 5 million euro.


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