ROC 52/2017 licensed, ofcourse. Combining cinema-quality cameras, compact and reliable aerial platforms, years of piloting and camera operation expertise, we strive to push the bounds of cinematography with every project.

Our services

Aerial Cinematography_

We translate your vision to immersive aerial shots, with a crew of experienced cinematographers who are RPA-L certified to operate. We fly with the latest high-end S35 imaging sensors, with up to 6K RAW resolution and multiple different cine-lenses.

All in One Productions_

Drone technology combined with creative vision is what distinguishes AeroCinema. AeroCinema consists of a team of specialists with years of background in cinematography and filmmaking. Do you want to show your vision or tell an interesting story. We are happy to help! Create a visual story with us that touches and moves people. Our experience with film ensures that we can realize both high quality and high production value.

Aerial Photography_

We fly high resolution sensors with choice between different focal length lenses to give creative freedom in composing shots. With in Hyperlapse we can speed up time and see the world flow under us, with advanced 3D flight path planning.


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